Survival Of The Fittest (In a Current Job Market)

This expression summarizes how you may feel about current job market. You will not be far from the truth. Recession is very much dog eat dog world where only the best ones will survive and succeed. If you are a job seeker you need to develop some crucial survival skills – no matter what your line of work is. Take a look at those must-have abilities and adopt them in your career.

1. Flexibility.
Agility and adaptability will be most important techniques for professional survival. I can’t stress this enough. A recession brings CHANGE – there will be shifts in your management, moves in your department. There will be changes of programs and processes, new products, new clients, new people on board. You must be able to mould and reshape. If you cannot do that – you will be the first in the line for layoffs.

2. Taking risks.
You will not get far without the ability to take risks and make critical decisions. Be willing to take on new tasks, go to new places, and learn few tools. Show initiative and enthusiasm. Improve continuously. See the company you are in with the eyes of the owner/president, share their vision. Taking risks is also expressed in your ability to offer solutions and claim responsibility for results.

3. Communication.
Articulate your thoughts and stay in touch with both management and team. Don’t hide; don’t sulk at the sight of failure. Express yourself clearly and learn to listen. You do not want to miss on an important message. Create the network and be aware of connections between others. Remember that excellent communicator will be able to motivate and influence people. If you can make others just as positive and enthusiastic as yourself your company will find you valuable.

4. Critical thinking.
Your ability to put the pieces of puzzle together is important. If you can offer resolutions to the problem your company faces, based on both your experience and research you are not likely to find yourself unemployed.

5. Creativity.
This sums up all the survival skills. Your imagination and your hunger for knowledge are crucial. Make it a motor of all your operations. Creative allows you to be active, flexible and mobile. It makes you search for new ideas and makes you innovative.

If you are motivated, trained, energetic and enthusiastic you will be able to withstand any storms brought by the crisis. Even if you posses all the survival skills you may be let go but you will have unique ability to turn this into your advantage and get another, even better job. If you do not posses those skills you should be working hard on developing them because they will be great help in securing a job you have always dreamed of.

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Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach who’s helped hundreds of professionals across Europe & the US to get the jobs and promotions they really wanted. Margaret also has 8 years of experience recruiting for a variety of positions at all levels across Europe and in the US, primarily in technology and e-commerce sectors.

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