Diagnostic Radiography Diploma

Anyone wishing to start a career as a radiology tech needs to get their diagnostic radiology diploma or radiology tech degree. There are different names for this degree depending on where you study. This course of study is sometimes offered as a diploma program and sometimes as a certificate program, as well as associates, bachelors and masters degree options.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) has a list of accredited programs of study in Radiology. There are programs available in all 50 states as well as Washington, DC, with some states having more programs available than others.

Approved programs consist of a combination of certificate, associates and bachelors degree programs. mua bang trung cap The clinical component for accredited programs is mostly the same regardless of which program you choose, meaning that those who receive a certificate tend to do just as good a job as a Radiology Tech as those with Bachelors degrees.

You should always choose an accredited program as these programs offer a better education and more opportunities for positions upon completion. Those looking for more advanced or supervisory positions might find it advantageous to complete a bachelors or masters degree in radiology.

The coursework involved in a Diagnostic Radiography Diploma usually includes anatomy and physiology, medical ethics, medical terminology, pathology, patient care procedures, positioning of patients, principles of imaging, radiation physics, radiation protection, and radiobiology.

Associates degree and bachelors degree programs will include other more general educational courses as well in order to provide the well rounded education usually associated with college degrees.

Depending on the program, the diploma or degree usually takes one to four years, with the one year programs usually geared towards experienced health professionals that already know some of the basic knowledge that is necessary for this type of position, such as nurses and medical techs.

After completing your Diagnostic Radiography Diploma, you will want to get certified by the ARRT. This requires you to have completed one of the accredited programs listed on their website as well as taking and receiving a passing score on the certification exam.

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