Adding a Patio Swing to a Kid’s Bedroom Ceiling

When you are looking to make your child’s bedroom unique, there are many different options for inspiration. One of the most fun and clever places to find inspiration is the great outdoors. Since children spend a lot of their free time playing and relaxing outside during the warmer months, the outdoors is a spot of fertile imagination and inspiration. Create a quiet and cozy spot in your child’s bedroom for reading and relaxing from a hanging patio swing that is hung from the ceiling. Before you jump into the project, take the time to consider all of the safety issues and make sure that you are completing the project correctly.

Strong Enough?
Is your ceiling strong enough to handle the weight of a patio swing and child? If your home is older and plaster ceilings are the norm, you may want to pick a glider or some other type of patio furniture that will not require drilling into the ceiling. For ceilings that are covered visit:- with drywall, the trick is making sure that the patio swing anchors are drilled securely into the beams above. You cannot simply drill anywhere and hang the swing, as the weight of it will pull both it and part of your ceiling down along with it. If you have any doubts, you may want to contact a local handyman who can help you assess the situation and hang the swing.

Anchors Away
The most important part of hanging the swing is making sure that it is securely anchored to the ceiling beams above. To do this, you will need to use a stud finder to locate the beams and measure to make sure that the length of the swing is not too short or too long to place both anchors in a beam. Use strong, metal anchors that you would normally use if the swing was being hung outdoors. While most of the installation instructions and techniques carry over from the outdoors, additional thought must be given to the condition of the interior ceiling and how it will affect the rest of the room.

Swing Chains
Once the anchors have been securely installed and the swing is ready to be hung, take a long look at the chains by which it will be suspended. Keep in mind that your child will be using the swing and that small fingers can easily become trapped in traditional swing chains. To solve this problem and to protect your child, invest in plastic chain sleeves that are normally used on swing sets. They come in a variety of colors and sizes in the chain section of the local home improvement store, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs easily.

Adding a patio swing to a child’s bedroom creates a wonderful spot for quiet and rest. You will probably find your child curled up against some comfortable pillows and wrapped in a blanket reading her favorite books once the swing is installed.

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