3 Simple Rules For Preparing Sermon Outlines

Preparing sermons or sermon outlines can be a daunting task for many ministers or pastors. You need to come up with something fresh and new every week, in order to keep your congregation’s attention and attendance. Here are 3 simple rules that can certainly help you.

1. Decide which scripture passage you yeshua significado bĂ­blico want to use. This will usually help you decide which subject you want your sermon to be about.

2. Beginning with a personal story that relates to the sermon will help capture your congregation’s attention. A humorous story is even better. The personal touch will hopefully keep your parishioners’ attention all the way through to the end.

3. Finally, try to get your point across in ten minutes or less. If you’re longer than that, you’re in real danger of having your parishioners’ attention start to wander. They may start thinking of what they’re having for lunch, the errands they have to run the next day, or what they’re going to watch on TV that evening.

Why not make a list of three to four bullet points you want to include in your address? Try to limit each bullet point to approximately three minutes talking time. So if you have three points to cover, that means you’ll be talking for nine minutes.

In future articles I’ll cover more tips for sermon outlines on what you can do to improve your performance. For now, remember to start off with a personal story, humorous if possible and keep the sermon to ten minutes or less. That way, you’ll have a much better chance of grabbing your congregation’s attention from start to finish.

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